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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Painter's Life

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Reared in Fall River in a rigid upbringing both at home and at school, I escaped into a world of creativity. I immersed myself into the music of my adolescence finding solace and a feeling of acceptance in being different, and there gained my creative license.

Upon leaving high school, I was accepted into and attended both Bristol Community College and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s art degree programs. My concentration was in Illustration and Photography primarily, also studying painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

Upon leaving school, my attention was focused on raising a family. Art was always present in my life during this time. It presented itself through landscape design, interior design, crafts, as well as the occasional fine art painting. Creativity also manifested in my day job as a dental professional for many years.
The overwhelming desire to paint again presented itself 2 years ago. Painting became a part-time occupation at this time and I joined other artists in area art societies. Soon after the desire to be a full time artist could no longer be silenced. I embarked on a career as a full time artist in the summer of 2006!

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Anonymous said...

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